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  • Maersk Westport

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    Twenty Smoothing

    Zero Smoothing - Plot All Matches

    Zero Smoothing

    Ten Smoothing

  • NDBC Buoy-Codar Wind/Wave Comparison Plots

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    Below are a few subplots displaying real-time wave data taken from 5 13 MHz CODAR sites overlayed with 3 different buoys relative to the site locations. The 5 sites include SEAB, BELM, SPRK, BRNT, and RATH and the buoy locations range from the NY Harbor region to the Delaware bay region.







    Some of the real-time buoy data taken from the NDBC webpage was missing wave direction values (Seen in the BRNT and RATH plots). For the most part, the data trends are very similar between the 2 systems but there are some spikes in the Codar data, which are evident in the wind direction plots.

  • CODAR data (Wave height) for Breezy Point

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    The red plots are from the CODAR data and the blue plots are from the RDI 1200 and RDI 600.

  • RDI 600 Plots

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  • AWAC Data Plots

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    Plots for the AWAC:


    • Depth


    • Pressure

    They were created using M

    atlab vrs. 7.5

  • Plots from the RDI 1200

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    These plots were generated using Matlab vrs. 7.5

  • Data Plot: Wave Period, Wave Height, Wave Direction and Wind direction

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    These plots are for Breezy Point December 1, 2007. The plots are from the Codar data. I will be posting the AWAC and RDI 1200 and 600 plots next time so that we can compare the two.

    The plot for Wave Direction seems odd because there isn’t an average for each unit of time, rather only for  2 days or so (Dec 17 and Dec 24).

  • Seagrant ADCP Wave Project

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    I have uploaded the archived spectra data from BRZY, HOOK, and HOSR to repro-2. It is located in a folder on the desktop called “SeagrantWaves.” I have also uploaded the spectra data from HOMR, but it is located on coolmedia in a desktop folder called “SeagrantWaves.”

    Some of the spectra data was missing in small gaps. Data from HOSR was missing from 2/20/07 to 2/25/07 and also from 12/18/07 to 12/30/07. Data from BRZY was missing from 4/18/07 to 4/24/07. Data from HOOK was missing from 4/10/07 to 4/24/07 and from 12/18/07 to 2/10/08. Data from HOMR was missing from 12/20/05 to 12/30/05 and from 12/18/07 to 2/10/08.

  • Reprocessing Wave Data at Breezy Point

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    June 9, 2009

    We took the data from CODAR at Breezy Point, New York during the period February 7 2007  to December 30 2007 and reprocessed it using the settings as shown in the figure. The program used was Release 5 Update 4. The CODAR data will be compared to  the RDI ADCP.breezypoint-june-9