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Alumni Profiles

Joe currently works as an Environmental Science Analyst at Sage Services where he will runs data analysis for the Water Quality Compliance Modeling Program for the watershed of Philadelphia. His thesis, “An Open-Source Software Application for Drifter Trajectory Prediction in the Mid-Atlantic Bight”, plugged local observational resources into the drifter simulation code OpenDrift to create an easy to use tool for tracking things floating in the mid-Atlantic bight.

Julia an Oceanographic Data Specialist in support of NOAA’s Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS). She is a member of the CODE and AI groups where she collaborates on many code-based projects. Her thesis, “Developing an automated analysis of fish migration video using computer vision algorithms”, developed and tested algorithmic and machine learning approaches to analyzing underwater video monitoring.

The Master’s in Operational Oceanography has given me the opportunity to pave my own path in my career at Lynker and excel applying the skills I gained in the program!

Ailey is a graduate of Rutgers with a degree in Marine Science. Her thesis work in the master’s program focused on the development of open-source software tools to process acoustic data collected by gliders. These tools enable efficient monitoring of a wide range of ocean biomass.

Ted is a graduate of Kean University with a degree in Environmental biology. His thesis work in the master’s program focused on the advanced development of a pH sensor for gliders in an academic/industry partnership with Sea-Bird Scientific.



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