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Mid-week update.

Figure 1: IOOS Overview. iRobot Seaglider is at the drill site, Navy Seaglider 137 is heading south, away from the drill site and towards the Loop Current Eddy. Navy Seaglider 135 and SIO/WHOI Spray 40 are at the northeast edge of the Loop Current Eddy. USF and Mote Slocum Gliders are on the Florida shelf. Strong currents from the drill site up the Canyon to the northeast are observed in the HF Radar current field (red arrows).  Several drifters are southwest of the drill site, all with complicated tracks at this scale.

Figure 2: Zooming into the drifters just southwest of the drill site, we see the deepwater drifters all have the scallop pattern in their tracks characteristic of inertial waves.  We will probably see several days of strong, slowly decaying, inertial currents spinning in the wake of  Tropical Storm Bonnie.

Figure 3: We check in on the HyCOM model.  Color is sea surface height, red is high, blue is low. HyCOM  also has strong currents heading northwest up the canyon from the drill site. The Spray 40 and Seaglider 135 are in the shear zone between the Loop Current Eddy flow to the southeast and the currents that turn back to the northwest around the local low (blue) in sea surface height.  USF Slocum Sam is heading alongshore to the south through the shelf side of this Loop Current Eddy interaction with the Florida shelf.

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    I need some historical data connected with tropical storm Bonnie. Could you recommend any official sources?

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