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Mid-Week Spatial Update

Figure 1: IOOS Overview of the Gulf.  NOAA Slick forecast remains steady.  For the gliders, starting in deepwater, Navy Seaglider 135 is approaching the SIO/WHOI Spray 40. Navy Seaglider 137 and iRobot Seaglider 515 remain near the drill site.  Moving east, the USF Slocum Sam is on the Florida shelf near the north side. The Mote Slocum glider Waldo has joined the UDel Slocum UD134 on the southern shelf of Florida.  Both HF Radar networks are operating.

Figure 2: Zooming into the U-shaped slick, surface currents in the HF Radar network are still heading north from the top of the U to shore.

Figure 3: Lets expand the current coverage to the SABGOM model.  SABGOM sea surface height is shown as color fill, and the surface currents as white arrows.   SABGOM currents are lined up with the western side of the U-shaped slick, all heading northeast.

Figure 4: CSTARS has 3 excellent images of the spill over the last few days.  We overlay all three images here. The darker areas are the slick.

Figure 5: Moving east to the Florida shelf, we see that Slocum UD134 is heading in and is being replaced by Slocum Waldo. Currents over much of the inner to middle shelf are generally offshore, to the west or to the southwest.

Figure 6: Zooming out to the HyCOM model to take a look t the Loop Current Eddy, the Navy Seaglider 135 is riding the strong currents of the northeast out edge as the Spray 40 heads east from the center along the major axis of the elliptical eddy.

Figure 7: And one more image for the east coast.  The Horizon Marine Drifter is on the southern side of a warm feature in the Sea surface temperature and is circulating in a large clockwise pattern in the Sargasso Sea.

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