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Glider data for July 18 2010

The gliders have been surveying throughout the Gulf this weekend. The data streams from the NAVO gliders are back online. Unfortunately our hand shaking with the Scripps/WHOI glider has dropped off, but we will get this rectified at the beginning of the week. The U Del glider will be turned inshore and it begin flying north for recovery maybe at the beginning of next week. Tomorrow, WALDO rejoins the party and a Rutgers glider should join towards the end of the week.

The two NAVO gliders have split apart,  The glider that is heading offshore shows a deepening pycnocline with a general decline in optical backscatter and chlorophyll fluorescence. The nearshore glider shows similar features and in general the optical backscatter data has been showing a general decline over the last week.  The iRobot/APL glider is also showing some changes.  The interesting mid-water CDOM is dissipating and the deepwater CDOM also is showing general declines.  The optical backscatter shows a  decline.

The two gliders offshore Florida (USF SAM & UDel Blue Hen) show a consistent picture which we have seen the last few weeks.  The general features show enhanced CDOM, optical backscatter, and chlorophyll fluorescence at depth.  The UDel shows interesting the features with the chlorophyll fluorescence showing variability not seen in the optical backscater.  The CDOM values appear to be dropping in the deeper waters offshore.

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