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July 26, 2010

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Storm and Gulf activities have impacted Gulf operation, but  gliders are doing well.  We we have 7 gliders in the water.  Two up in the spill vicinity. 2 offshore in the cyclonic eddy.  3 along the west cosat of Florida.

So lets start with the 2 in the spill vicninity.  There we have the Navy glider 127 and the Robot/APL Seaglider. The NAVO shows a continued picture of a stratified system, a subsurface chlorophyll maximum, enhanced CDOM at depth.  The iRobot/APL glider shows the slow continued decline in the midwater CDOM maxima. Backscatter continues to show dramatic spatial complexity.  The system is stratified, and generally the oxygen values show slight increases at depth.

For the two offshore gliders.  The Navy glider 135 shows declines in the optical backscatter as the glider heads offshore.  It has not reached the eddy as the temperature, salinity, and chloropyll do not exhibit any of the changes such as observed by the Scripps/WHOI glider as it headed into the eddy.  The offwaters remain stratified.

The gliders offshore Florida show that waters have told a consistet story for over several months now.  The three gliders include the USF SAM glider, Mote’s Waldo, and the U Del Ble Hen.  The U Del glider will soo be recovered this week.  The Florida waters are stratified.  Offshore the chlorophyll shows a subsurface maximum.  The optical bcackscatter is enhanced at depth.  On the shelf the bottom waters show enhanced concentrations in particles, chlorophyll, and CDOM.  There is in shallower waters enhanced concentrations of particles, CDOM and chlorophyll.  These features show local variability.