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The Bear is in the igloo

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From:     Gary Kirkpatrick <>
Subject:     [Deepwater] The bear is in the igloo
Date:     June 28, 2010 10:49:51 AM EDT
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The Blue Hen is on board and in good shape.

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June 28 glider data

June 28th, 2010 No comments

The morning has already been a successful day, as the U Del group had the Blue Hen successfully recovered this morning which is great as the battery curve was coming to an end.  The current fleet in tthe Gulf now has the two NAVO gliders, the Scripps/WHOI Spray glider, the iRobot/APL Seaglider, the USF Teledyne Webb glider, the Rutgers Webb glider (ru23), Mote’s WALDO glider.

The NAVO gliders reveal a surface low salinity plume with high CDOM and chlorophyll.  The optical backscatter continues to show the most dramatic variability in the water column. The Scripps/WHOI data is lagged, and hope to get an update today.

The iRobot/APL continues to show the dramatic CDOM data.  The CDOM layer continues to be found below the chlorophyll maximum.  The surface chlorophyll shows some variability in the depth of the maximum that appears to related to the presence or absence of a low salinity surface water.

We are having some hiccups getting BASS data, but the system is flying well.  The shelf gliders show a consistent picture, with subsurface particle, chlorophyll, and CDOM maxima.  We expect some gliders to join the Florida surveys this week.