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Another day with more beached oil.

June 27th, 2010 No comments

Figure 1: The NOAA forecast continues to show the main slick spreading along the coasts (see zoom in below). The smaller slicks in the Loop Current Eddy remain small and continue to recirculate.  The Horizon Marine drifter that left the Gulf of Mexico is riding the Gulf Stream and has just swept past Jacksonville, Florida.  It is now offshore the border with Georgia.

Figure 2: Zooming into the main slick, the NOAA forecast has it continuing to spread along the coast from Louisiana to Florida.  The 25-hour average currents from the HF Radars show that there is a persistent flow to the northeast along the outer shelf that runs from the Deepwater Horizon site.  On the western side of this jet, the flow is to the west towards Louisiana. On the eastern side of this jet, the flow is to the north towards Santa Rosa Island on the google earth map.  At the southern end of the main slick, south of the Deepwater Horizon site, 3 Seagliders and 1 Spray are patrolling the area.